The dying method used may lead to fading in the leads and collars, particularly through exposure to sunlight. This makes each product unique.

NATURALLY GOOD Lead with hand strap

Whenever a dog sees its owner reach for the lead, it can hardly contain its excitement at the thought of going out and exploring the world again. The Naturally Good lead is great news both for your pet and for the environment! Because it is made of organic cotton and polyester. Its integrated hand strap ensures that the user always has a safe grip when out walking.

Special features:

Naturally Good icon 12m passiv
Naturally Good icon max 44 kg passiv2

Naturally natural:

  • Made predominantly from natural, renewable raw materials*
  • Tested for harmful substances
  • Unbleached

*Product-specific exceptions: Synthetic strap for tensile strength, metal elements coated with synthetic resin

Available in:

Icon ohne18

1,2 m / max. 44 kg

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